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Azure Wings (Beta)

Welcome to the official page for Azure Wings. 
Below our Wings are listed, followed by information about Azure Wings & more.

Azure Wings

Monster Hunter World (PS4)

Azure Infinitum's foray into Monster Hunter World is nearing our second anniversary! 

Wing Status: On-Hiatus w/plans to revive
Wing Commander: N/A
Event Information & Grouping Times: N/A

  • Join us for weekly Hunt-A-Thon
  • Post your favorite screenshots in our PS4 Azure Infinitum PSN Community
  • Connect with other MHW players in our community
  • Players of all Hunter Ranks are welcome to attend
  • Hunt together, get assistance, progress!

How to Join:

Hosting of Weekly Hunt-A-Thons and some help or guidance is provided by the Wing Commander.

If you're looking to join our MHW (PS4) Squad, visit our Discord and submit your PSN ID name to our #mhw-wing channel and tag the Wing Commander's name assigned to this Wing as listed above. 

This event groups via Discord VC.
Show up in our Discord VC (no mic required) during grouping time (listed above), to gain an invite to the Azure Squad.
If our Squad is full by chance, the Wing Commander will send you our Session ID so you can still play with Azure comrades, and you'll be invited as soon as space opens. 

Members of our MHW Squads will be given "MHW WING" role in Discord as a sub-role along with any other roles they may currently have.

What are Azure Wings?

Azure Wings are branches of our community lead by assigned Wing Commanders (branch-leaders) or Azure Council Leaders, that run weekly Play Sessions in games that are outside of our FFXIV CORE. 

The goal of Azure Wings is to promote play and progression in other places, while keeping our community playing together, and growing Azure Infinitum's clan presence to new areas.

Register to start an Azure Wing

If you've got a group, friends, clan, or party that regularly plays together and you think it could make a great Wing, you can submit your details on the official Azure Wings thread on our community site to be considered. 

Become a Wing Commander!

If you're interested in helping us lead an Azure Wing as an Azure Infinitum Wing Commander, you should DM Reika Fujishima via our Azure Discord with any questions or details. Please note that if approved, you will be expected to spearhead the Wing you're in charge of, possibly work with a secondary Wing Commander, and will be responsible for holding Official Activity once per week for at least 2 hours.

Non-Wing Activity

For games and other activity run by community members, visit the Azure Universe page or visit the Azure Universe official thread on our community site if you wish to submit details about games you play where you're looking for people to play with.

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