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Azure Day May 2020 Program

Azure Day Weekend May 2020
May 30th & 31st

Events begin at 3p EST/12p PST

Azure Day celebrations is our way of celebrating our community. There are several kinds of Azure Days throughout the year! You can read about them here.

On Azure Days we hold a variety of in-game events, mini-games, contests, gameshows, and more. Check out the official line-up below to see what we've planned.

Flash raffles take place throughout the weekend, keep an eye out for our special golden flash raffles which give away 1 million gil!

Company Tabards will be provided for free to all members who do not have one, while supplies last.

Don't forget to stop by the Azure Photo Booth on our first floor and take some pics to commemorate the weekend!

Azure Day Events are put together for our members and allied friends.
We are still accepting donations to our Prize Pool for Azure Day Prizes and Giveaways!

Times listed are in PST

Events listed are subject to change

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

12p Opening Ceremonies

Join us at the FC Estate Lawn as we kick off our first Azure Day celebration of 2020 with some words from FC Leadership, some talk about the weekend's events, and a special story about our founding.

1p Super Duper Hide & Seek: Harmony VS Chaos

Just after our Opening Ceremonies we'll quickly group for our rendition of a hide and seek game. This time we're starting something new: Cosmos VS Chaos! Two teams will compete to bring discord or harmony to the realm during this challenge of stealth!

Winning Team: Aurelia Polyp Minion, and 120,000 gil per team member

2p Parkour Panic: Crying Silver Tears

Our spectacular jumping puzzle extraordinary event returns with a classic Azure favorite featuring our very first Parkour Panic location. Few may remember this one, and its only been used twice in our near 6 year history. Will you be crying silver tears? Or will you win a grand prize?

Prizes: 1st Place: 1 IOU for a future Ishgard-Housing Estate of Choice, 2nd Place: Ruby Barding, 3rd Place: Hunting Hawk Minion

3p D.A.R.T.S. Tournament Edition

Our fanciful flying flinging game of Diving At Random Target Scenarios returns with an all-new Tournament Edition! This time new locations have been added to our game of D.A.R.T.S. which will have community members flinging their bodies off great heights toward bulls eyes! Tournament Edition has several stages and an elimination feature. The final 3 contestants will win prizes!

Prizes: 1st Place: 1,000,000 gil and an Omega M & Omega F Minion Set, 2nd Place: Engage Orchestrion Roll and 500,000 gil, 3rd Place: Ice Barding and 250,000 gil

4p Azure Day Parade March

Walk with us as we group together just after our previous event and march in the name of Azure with solidarity and pride in our community. This is your chance to get screenshots of many Azure souls walking together, and also to be in one of our parades! Come with something dyed Othard Blue or an official FC tabard of the same color to show our server how much we love our community!

6p Azure Day May 2020 Day 1 Commemorative FC Group Screenshot

Gathering begins at an announced location just as the Azure Day Parade March ends. Come join in a big group shot of Azure members, wearing FC colors (Othard Blue) and standing together for one of our famous group shots! This shot may take some time, so we ask that you be prepared to stand in place, put away any minions, and have patience. We try to wait for a blue sky (which doesn't take that long usually) as well. This shot will commemorate our May 2020 Azure Day Weekend's first day. Our commemorative shots are also immortalized into Azure history and are often used in Azure media.

7p Azure Day Blue Bird Auction 

Come on down to the Azure Day Blue Bird "lowballer's" Auction at (location TBA) and join us for rounds of bidding battles and fun, and potentially score amazing deals on great items. These items are donated or purposed for Azure fund raising, and proceeds go toward our next Azure Day and any FC needs. This auction hosts auctions on items of values of 200,000 gil and under, with bids starting at 20k. This is one of two auctions taking place this weekend, the other being our Leviathan "highballer's" Action taking place the following day. Bidding will take place in 20k increments.

9p Azure Deluxe Triple Triad Tournament

Finishing off the night, last but not least, is the return of our Azure Deluxe Triple Triad Tournament! This is not your usual tournament, as we use Reverse rules making everyone's weakest cards, strong! That means anyone even with a starter deck has a fighting chance- no skills required!

Prizes: 1st Place: 1,000,000 gil, Runner-Up: 250,000 gil

Sunday, May 31st, 2020

12p Dashing Dungeon Delvers (POTD Team Race)

Several teams will be grouped at our FC Estate Lawn. Once all are ready, contestants will have 1 hour to get as far into Palace of the Dead as they can. When the hour is up, "TIME" will be called in FC Chat, and at least one contestant from each team will be expected to screenshot the number of the floor their party reached and submit the shot via our Discord, PSN Community, or other means to show. The team that delves the deepest, wins a team prize!

Prize for 1st Place team: Flying Chair Mount, and 200,000 gil per team member

2p Azure Day Recruitment Drive

Join the Azure Day Recruitment Drive and help bring in new comrades to our community! This drive is open to members of all rank. Once the event begins, explanations and rules will be given so all participants of all rank know how to invite recruits. Players who are recruited on Azure Day get an incredible first impression of our community and the special event weekend, and most never forget it! The top 3 participants who recruit the most new recruits during the event will win rewards.

3p Manhunt:Redux

Manhunt:Redux is an all-new spin on this classic Azure Day event that originally debuted at Azure Summer Festival 2016 and has seen many versions and uses over the years. This time's a surprise, but it will include a large team of Seekers hunting designated Fugitives running off with a grand payload. If the Seekers win, all Seekers win a huge team prize. If the final fugitive wins, they will score a mega payload.

Prizes: Seeker team prize: 3,000,000 gil payload split between participants, Final Fugitive prize: 3,000,000 gil payload

4p Riddle Race Scavenger Hunt

Come participate in the Riddle Race Scavenger Hunt where you'll find yourself solving riddles and meeting "NPCs" that lead you to a final goal. Details and rules will be presented at the event.

Prize: Game Time Card/Code

5p Azure Day Leviathan Auction

Come on down to the Azure Day Leviathan "highballer's" Auction at (location TBA) and potentially score some deals on some great wares. All items presented will be over 200,000 gil in value and bidding will start at 200,000 gil. Items presented in this auction have been donated or purposed for Azure fundraising, and all proceeds go toward our next Azure Day Weekend and FC needs. This auction is one of two, with the Blue Bird "lowballer's" auction taking place the previous day. Bidding will take place in 20k increments.

7p Azure Day May 2020 Day 2 Commemorative FC Group Screenshot

The second commemorative screenshot for Azure Day May 2020 Day 2. Come join us and become immortalized in a big FC group shot. We ask for your patience as we try to wait for a good blue sky to appear for the official shot. Our commemorative shots are used in Azure media, and go down in Azure history. Join us wearing company colors (Othard Blue) or an FC Tabard in our color.

8p Ceremony of Eternal Bond

The ceremony begins grouping outside of the Sanctum of the Twelve in East Shroud! Our Azure Scout, Lisa Kuma will bond this evening and all of Azure Infinitum is welcome to come attend and witness this sacred event. All attendees get a minion at the end! Limited invites can be obtained from the FC chest! You will need one of these physical invites to gain entry into the Sanctum of the Twelve at the time of the Ceremony. Find the Company Chest in any City State or teleport to Mist and come inside of our Infinitum Hall estate and take a right just inside! 
If you can't find any invites in the chest, some members may be holding extra while waiting to enter outside the Sanctum, just be vocal about it in FC Chat if you need one! Lets get lots of folks together to come celebrate!

9p Closing Ceremonies

Closing out the weekend with a final gathering, we will group together and give our sentiments at our top floor of the FC Estate Hall. This will be a time to give words of appreciation, talk about the weekend, and share in the love for our community and thank everyone for an awesome weekend, as our finale to Azure Day Weekend May 2020!

Did you donate to our prize pool and didn't see your donation listed under the listed event prizes? Do not despair! We make use of everything available, and use a hoard of unlisted prizes for FLASH RAFFLES that take place all weekend long! We've got things like huge payloads of gil, the latest glamours, adorable minions, mounts, and more to be won! All leftover prizes will appear at our Azure Day Auctions, which takes place both days with proceeds that all go back to the Azure chest for the next Azure Day and future FC needs!

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