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FFXIV Stay At Home Art Collection

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, many companies and organizations have created various messages utilizing their brand's images or characters that go along with these tough and strange times. Some are resourceful, helpful, or kind messages of encouragement, others fall on advertising special campaigns, sales, or just simply making people smile for a moment.

Final Fantasy XIV's Official Twitter Account recently began sharing a set of artwork over some recent days that promote several of its memorable characters, social distancing, and staying at home while finding things to do.

What's special about works of art like these, is that they never would have existed if there wasn't a global crisis taking place that is affecting so many people. These works will be historically documented and remembered for their encouragement to stay home and stop the spread of the coronavirus that has already killed so many.

Here's a look at the full gallery below of 4 pieces. These are supposed to be all of them, but if more are added I'll list them here.

This isn't the only way Square Enix has addressed COVID-19, as they just recently sent out an e-mail offering official Square Enix Members masks to patrons to the Square Enix store who spend $100 or more- and we've also seen a rise in free-login periods for FFXIV.
It can also be speculated that the many recent entries of Square Enix games into various online sales, free-to-try or free-to-play campaigns, and other sales have also been in response to making some sales and providing people with more recreational options during this time.

It was announced recently that FFXIV Patch 5.3 would be delayed to some extent, which was planned to release toward the end of this month, now expected to release some time in June.

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