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Journey to Shadowbringers Relics: Return to Ivalice Trilogy

Introducing an all new event in our FFXIV FC! Set to begin on June 6th and take place every Saturday after (except for Azure Day Weekend events) is none other than Journey To Shadowbringers Relics: Return To Ivalice Trilogy!

Grouping will begin at 9p EST/6p PST and will feature a run through all of Stormblood's 24-man Ivalice raid series, which is a prerequisite for starting relic weapons in the latest expansion, Shadowbringers. 

Its also a damn good time, and these have to be some of the most kickass raids ever made, as they are chock full with beautiful scenery, fearsome foes, and great music and references from Final Fantasy games that feature the lands of Ivalice in them.

All you've got to do is show up with at least The Royal City of Rabanastre unlocked and be at our FC Estate lawn around the time listed above! 
Depending on attendance, some adjustments may be made to the content run, such as those attending only needing the second or last raid.
Content being run will be directed and announced by the event host.

Following your clear of Orbonne Monastery, the third and final Ivalice raid, you can begin the Hail to the Queen quest in Kugane that will appear after you've finished the Ivalice raid questline, which will start you on a short path toward visiting Gangos, and obtaining the first step to your Shadowbringers relic weapon!! You'll also be able from there to unlock Memoria Misera EX, which we hold learning and progression groups for, every Friday with grouping beginning at 8:30p ET/5:30p PT.

Why are relics worth getting? You get a cool sidestory (this one involves Noah van Gabranth and more Ivalice stuff!), you get achievements, sweet future glams, some sort of challenge, and maybe bragging rights? But the most important fact- your finished relic will be a fantastic weapon you'll be able to take with you as you storm down the gates of FFXIV 6.0 in summer 2021, and they usually last without having to upgrade to any other weapon, all the way up close to the next level cap!

Azure Infinitum originally began running weekly Ivalice raids starting with Rabanastre's release in 2017, followed by Ridorana Lighthouse, and Orbonne Monastery which were released 6 months apart over a 18 month period. Azure's 24-Man Fridays: Ivalice Trilogy was the grand finale of the series, and ran for nearly 7 months straight, weekly.

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