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Mega Mount-A-Thon

Introducing Mega Mount-A-Thon, an all-new event taking place at our FFXIV Free Company every 1st and 3rd Saturday, starting June 6th!

This event will include a number of weekly clears of Extreme Trials between A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood, with the intent of farming as much mounts for the event party as possible!

Did you know that many Extreme Trials can drop special mounts, and when collected, grant you a quest for an even bigger one? That's right! If you've ever wondered about those glowing ponies, birds, and dogs, this is the place to come and get 'em! Other mounts may also be sought and farmed at the discretion of the event host.

Party composition of attending members, time, and attendee's needed mounts or clears will determine each event's lineup, and will be announced or directed by the event host.

Each Trial will be done unsynced, that means most older ones will take mere seconds!

How did this event come to be? Monstrous Mondays has been a versatile current-expansion trial learning & progression event with the ability to swap to a mount farm for some weeks when desired, or when there's less attendance for the trial. Our Scout Captain Terry Mckinney conceived the idea of hosting a separate mount-farm/clear marathon event primarily focused on farming mounts. Typically, a weekly mount-farm isn't always viable for a standard weekly event, due to the fact that Azure's daily weekly events are for needs that remain current throughout the present patch-period if not longer. It was decided to then create this event, and run it once on the first week of the month, and again 2 weeks after, twice a month! Week 3 is also convenient because it doesn't clash with Azure Day Weekends, which take place a good 6 or so times a year on the final Saturday and Sunday of the months they fall on.

We hope our members will look forward to coming along to work together to gain new mounts and help each other obtain these awesome rides- and maybe get some first-time clears in the process!

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