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Resurgens Caeruleum

The time has arrived and the Azure Rising project has begun.

Many features across our community have been created but there's still just a little more distance to go before everything planned is finished being added.

AzureFM is the official name of our community site network- which comprises AzureFM home forums, AzureFM FFXIV forums, and AzureFM MHW Wing forums. That's 3 unique but linked community sites, each with their own individual purposes or communities, but able to be used across a single Shivtr account.

You'll still have to add a character to each if you wish to post in all of them, but you only need one Shivtr account.

This website will continue to fill out with more posts related to Azure and supported games, and also displays official pages for our Azure Wings, Universe, an About Page, an Event Page with Google Calendar installed, some social feeds, a Contact Page, a How To Join Page, and more. It still feels a little blank and is meant to do a lot more great things- but it wont be long before we see it fill out.
You may have guessed that this site uses similar source code as Run Around:Network- if you did, you're not wrong. Click "RA:N" on the navbar above to get an idea of how much can be done with this setup.

Again, please don't mind the home of this site lacking a bit- its going to fill out more as we go. ^^;;

Each forum and AzureFM site has been lovingly crafted to serve different sides of our community- whether you're a part of the RA:N crowd or otaku, gamer, FFXIV FC Member, MHW Wing Member, and more. The foundations have been laid and online resources reorganized as we step into the next threshold of Azure Infinitum.

There are still a handful of features that will be coming, and will continue to roll out across the next month or so. They are:

Coming Post Launch

  • Azure Art page 
  • Scout Captain Trials/Applications
  • Further Discord Changes & Reworks
  • AzureFM's Roster Overhaul
  • About Page specifically about our FFXIV Free Company and its Origins
  • Feeds for streamers and content creators
  • Member tweets feed
  • Azure Shop
  • Donation button
  • Become A Partner page
  • FC Action/Buff thread/page
  • Member birthdays widget
  • Azure message book and yearbook threads/archive
  • RA:N feed integration
  • Fellowship adjustments
  • Special Resurgens Caeruleum launch contests

Two great features that available today on the launch of our new sites, besides all the other pages you should check out- and our lovely new forums- is our 3rd Azure Infinitum Podcast episode, and the Azure Infinitum May 2020 Program Guide is live now.

As you check out what's coming for this month's Azure Day Weekend and listen to our podcast, you should visit our new forums and help us start filling things out!

The next threshold has arrived.
There has never been a better time to be a member of Azure Infinitum!


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