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Community Update 6.14.2020

Its June already and 2020 is half over- that means we're now roughly just a year away from the next FFXIV expansion, and Azure's Resurgens Caeruleum project is in the middle of Month #2. 

There's a lot of great progress in our community as well as things to look forward to, and this is your update for June 2020 to know just where we're at.
Most Azure advancements and news will still be almost all focused on our FFXIV Core of Azure for quite a while, and the current magnitude of all planning, background processes, and growth will continue as normal from here.

Resurgens Caeruleum Post-Launch Features

There's still a list of post launch features I've been working on or meaning to roll out- I, Reika, got sick for almost two weeks (not Covid, thank God), and it set me back a bit. Bare with me! If you're curious what all Resurgens Caeruleum contains, check this post. Some post-launch features include an Azure Shop, an Art Page, Azure FM's roster overhaul, our FFXIV FC's About Page & History page, and quite a bit more. You can see the full list at the link just above.

Next Azure Grand Assembly

The next assembly for our community, which takes place live and is streamed from FFXIV at our FC's Estate's top floor, will be on June 27th, 2020, starting at 7p EST/4p PST. Azure Grand Assembly features a live audience and panel consisting of myself (Reika) and attending Azure Council members. We'll be talking about the present state of Azure, what needs we have, future plans and things to look forward to, and more- plus taking live feedback and discussion from our members.

Changes or Additions to/of Events

Azure Eden Tuesdays

Our Eden raid event which takes place every Tuesday with grouping starting at 8:30p EST/5:30p PST at the FC Estate Lawn for weekly or first time clears of each Eden's Verse raid (E5-E8 normal), will now include a secondary event party for catching anyone up who needs E1-E4 normal. This will be effective until the launch of Patch 5.3, which has been announced for a mid to late July release.

Mega Mount-A-Thon

One of our two new weekly events which had a great premiere on June 6th, will continue to run every other week on Saturday for mount farming, with grouping beginning at 5p EST/2p PST at the FC Estate Lawn.

Journey to Shadowbringers Relics: Return to Ivalice Trilogy

One of our two new weekly events which had a great premiere on June 6th. This event will continue to run every Saturday for full Ivalice Trilogy clears, with grouping beginning at 9p EST/6p PST at the FC Estate Lawn. This is not a full pre-made 24-man alliance grouping, but will serve all who attend the event party with call-outs and guidance by the event host. (Very worth it!)

Azure Summer Festival 2020

Azure Summer Festival 2020, our yearly gem of the summer, and a 3-day mega Azure Day Weekend event, packed with unique games, prizes, gameshows, contests, raffles & Azure Day favorites, will commence from August 28th through the 30th!! Mark those calendars and get those summer glams ready!

Airship and Submarine Naming Contest 2020

Its that time again! Per tradition every 2 years we give the present roster a chance to pick the names of our airships and submarines! Have a shot at having your submitted names being chosen to go down in Azure history and seen by generations of members, plus the possibility to win great prizes! See the official thread here.

Inactivity Policy Scale-Back and Extended Leave

As announced last month, we have returned to our normal inactivity discharge policy in our FFXIV FC. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we previously announced increases in the amount of days members could be offline and hold a spot on our roster. 
Effective this month, those who have been away over 60 days or two months straight offline, who haven't given any word in our #absence-notifications channel on Discord or DM'd any leaders, will be discharged from the FC. The same goes for those who've given word and were granted our On Vacation rank as a reasult- which gives up to 120 days or 4 months of being offline straight before discharges.

Please keep in mind that those discharged for inactivity or who may have left our FC have the option to re-join our FC 2 more times, and many exceptions may also be made.

**In order to still address the ongoing pandemic and any unforeseen issues members may be facing offline, all re-joins post-discharge for inactivity will be pardoned from our 3-join rule. Returning to Azure if discharged for inactivity will not count toward your 3-joins for the time being until it is announced otherwise.**

Extended Leave rank now exists for those who've surpassed or plan to surpass 120 days who have given word of their situation, and said situation falls under our special exceptions for military deployments, student/teacher/school needs, health conditions or hospital stays, traveling/vacations, natural disasters, and more.
Those on Extended Leave are given an unspecified amount of time to return and must keep in contact with leaders or the community within roughly a year to retain their spot on the roster.

Our community runs on what we call an Active FC Community Model and though its high, does have limited roster space that we'll no doubt eventually fill. We want to ensure for our regularly active members, that our roster hosts a plethora of regularly online active members that contribute their presence, whether loud, quiet, veteran, casual, hardcore, new, or returning players, to our day to day life and overall experience in our great environment that we foster to be friendly, organized, and active Azure Infinitum. 

We are committed to continuing to build a growing threshold of life and harmony that Azure is known for and seeks to keep improving on for all timezones, and members of all experience levels and availability- and it starts by keeping our roster tidy.

Calling all interested parties for available positions!

As a part of a carefully outlined plan to build a stronger structure of ranks and fully restore our Support and Leadership teams to their desired magnitude, we are seeking members of our community who've been with our FFXIV FC for at least 1 month and who have at least completed A Realm Reborn's main scenario who would be interested in joining the Azure Scout Initiative!
Azure Scouts are our official support team and are a step above member rank that more officially supports the FC through communication with other Scouts & Council Members, keeping watchful eyes for anything the team should be aware of or for what leadership should know about asap, and lending some time whether casually or not towards assisting members of the community in duties/correspondance and more.
Scouts have invite privileges but only recruit or accept applications in a limited form and are not required to recruit at all.

If you'd like to take this step up to join the Scouts, please DM any Council member to discuss.

We are also seeking any members among our community for promotion fast-tracking who would be interested in joining high support as a Scout Captain or the Azure Council who has the following:

Past leadership experience running a medium to large guild in any MMO
Real life customer service or military experience/discipline
Experience running semi-successful to successful statics or raid groups on a regular basis

Must have the following qualities:

Patience, moderate people skills, ability to set aside personal issues with other players to get tasks accomplished, drive and zeal to assist and foster the community for the betterment of all, the belief that "when one wins, we all win", selflessness, ability to sacrifice at least some minor personal progression or time for the sake of the community and duty to it, ability to act under at least mild pressure, ability to manage time or show up on time when available, willingness to host or back up at least one weekly event per week, ability to join voice calls and participate in once a month council meetings, ability to regularly check council channel and scout channels on discord as well as moderate community chats if necessary, plans to continue playing FFXIV and stay in Azure Infinitum for the forseeable future, and above all- the great interest and love for the community of Azure Infinitum and its ongoing success.

If you think you may have what it takes, please DM me (Reika) on Discord and we can begin talks and preparations to get you started.

Much more will be discussed at this month's Azure Grand Assembly on the 27th!

There has never been a better time to be a part of Azure Infinitum!
"As Free As The Azure Sky!"

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