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Community Update July-August 2020

Welcome to the Azure Infinitum Community Update for July-August 2020! 

This post covers a list of announcements, updates, and information related to our entire community, with the meat of it relating to our FFXIV CORE & Free Company on Midgardsormr Server in Final Fantasy XIV!

"We're in month 3 and approaching month 4 of Resurgens Caeruleum aka the Azure Rising Project- our great stride forward to overhaul our community like never before.

So far, a ton of progress has been made in all areas, and tons of new faces have come aboard to 'take the blue' and join our crazy online family. 

Our rank-structure has been carefully, but quickly developing as many are joining the support ranks, and the Azure Council swells with experienced and trained individuals who brightly assist in leading Azure forward. The growing Azure Council and supporting Captains and Trainees among the Scout Initiative, pilot daily community events in our fantastic line-up each week that we're always strengthening or adding to, and members love.

Never before has Azure Infinitum operated so many platforms, services, and scenes for community members to connect, and there has never been a better time to be a member of the Azure Infinitum community or member of our free company in FFXIV.

As activity rankings and charts steadily climb, plans come to fruition, and new innovations are always underway as leadership never fails to keep excitement on the horizon, Azure Infinitum is poised to manifest our best era yet.

I would be very thankful to all who would read through this Azure Community Update and look forward to everything in store to come!

Congratulations to our recent promotions and welcome new members of Azure!"

"As Free As The Azure Sky!"

-Reika Fujishima/Hikaru Kazushime
Azure Founder & FC Master
RA:N CEO & Lead Writer

Azure FM

Back-End Maintenance
-Our Community Site at has recently finished an extensive back-end maintenance period to support faster load times and a more integrated database that has assisted in helping manage our growing roster.

AFM Member Ranks
-All previous "Azure Alumnus" ranks and all "Member" ranks have been merged into a new universal member rank called "AFM Member". Azure FM site ranks are universal across the community, and past members of our FFXIV Free Company are no longer distinguished differently from current ones. If you'd like to see all members of our present FFXIV FC Roster, visit:

Check Out Our New Stuff
-As of May's relaunch and the start of the Resurgens Caeruleum campaign, our forums, rules charter, and more have been refreshed, strengthened, and primed for the future. We invite you to visit them often and make use of our forums!

Art Submissions
-An official Artwork & Commissions thread of our main Azure FM site's forums at: will be made for submissions that will be featured on a new Azure Art page on our portal site, 

Azure Streamers Submissions
-An official 'Azure Streamers' thread will be made at our main Azure FM site's forums (see link just above) for submissions for an 'Azure Streamers' area or feed on our main site.

Twitter Submissions
-A submissions thread for Twitter handles will appear on our main Azure FM site's forums. Members may submit a Twitter handle that will add their tweets to an all new 'Azure Member's Tweets' area on our homepage.

-A content area showing the upcoming or current birthdays of our members will be returned to the home pages of our Azure FM sites.

Airship & Submarine Naming Contest 2020
-The Airship and Submarine Naming Contest 2020 submission entry period has been extended to August 10th, 2020. Visit the thread here for details:

Azure Resource Hub
-A link to the Azure Resource Hub document will appear on our homepage at, and in a stickied thread on the FFXIV side of Azure FM forums.

Main Website (

Azure Art Page
-A page titled "Azure Art" will be added. This page will feature art drawn by community members, or art commissions of characters, Azure Infinitum scenery, and subjects related to our community or the games we play.

FFXIV FC Info Page
-A page with more information regarding our FFXIV CORE & Free Company on Midgardsormr Server of Final Fantasy XIV, its origins, activities, and how to join it, will be added.

Azure Streamers
-An 'Azure Streamers' feed or area will appear on our homepage. Submissions for this section can be made at the coming 'Azure Streamers' official thread on our main Azure FM site's forums at:

Member's Tweets Feed
-An area and feed for Member's Tweets will appear on our homepage. Submissions for this section can be made via a new Twitter submissions thread on our main Azure FM site's forums. (see the above link).

Azure Shop
-Azure Community Merchandise or Memorabilia is currently in the final R&D phases. As soon as plans are finished an announcement will be made across our platforms and the 'Shop' tab on our homepage will lead to Azure products and suggested items from our trusted Run Around:Network partners. A percentage of proceeds will go toward funding our network of platforms, and their upgrades, including discord upgrades.

-A donation area will appear on our homepage that will allow donations that support Azure Infinitum and Run Around:Network hosting, needs, and potential giveaways or merchandise investments for our community.

RA:N Feed
-An area will appear on the homepage featuring a feed from RA:N's content, which is set to resume activity in August.

Azure Resource Hub
-A link to the Azure Resource Hub document will appear on our homepage at, and in a stickied thread on the FFXIV side of Azure FM forums.

Azure Instagram

Event Info
-Event information and other useful resources are coming to the Azure Instagram account soon. 

Azure PSN Community

Instagram Screenshot Submissions
-Featured Screenshots will no longer be chosen for the Azure Instagram from the Azure PSN Community. This decision was made in relation to the end of service for the official mobile application for PSN Communities.

Azure Tumblr

-Will resume from hiatus soon.

Azure Infinitum Podcast

End of Hiatus
-Our community's podcast that is hosted by Hikaru Kazushime (FC Master Reika) with supporting & available members of the Azure Council that discusses community news, Final Fantasy XIV, Video Games, and a range of other topics & fun, has returned from hiatus and will continue to be a bi-weekly podcast to the best of our ability from here forward. Plans for the podcast will be to mix things up each week by featuring a diverse range of discussions after community news is discussed. We hope that it helps bring you closer to getting to know Azure Leadership, and proves helpful in keeping up with community news.
Check out previous episodes here!

Ser Aymeric Bot

Discontinued In Azure Officially
-Ser Aymeric will no longer be used as a bot in our Discord. This decision was made and the bot was removed in late June, and since, its been reevaluated that it will not return to Azure's Discord. The decisions made to remove Ser Aymeric were posted on June 25th in our #announcements channel.


Balmung Kha's Cactbot Adventures
-Cactbot was recently added to our Discord to assist with Lt. Balmung Kha's parties for callouts as an added usefulness during content he runs such as raids, trials, and savage raids in Final Fantasy XIV. This bot is not a replacement for the Ser Aymeric bot mentioned above.

Other Bots

-More bots for general usefulness and to replace the Ser Aymeric bot mentioned above, are being looked into and careful chosen. Plans to integrate a new bot or bots will finalize soon and will coincide with our August 2020 Discord Overhaul mentioned below.

August 2020 Azure Discord Overhaul

Additions & Removals To Come
-Channels with little to no activity over a long period of time will be removed, a new bot or bots will be integrated to enhance the Azure Discord, some new channels may be added, and channel order will be slightly adjusted. Other new features for Azure's Discord are presently in R&D.

Instagram Channel

Known Error & Result
-An error occurred with our Applet/Webhook combo that shares posts into our Instagram channel from the Azure Instagram account. Reika has continued to share content in the channel from the account. 

Known Error & Result 2
-Recently another error occurred when sharing links from the account and did not properly display the posts or links, prompting Reika to share individual posts alongside what links were available. This is now fixed and posts are displaying properly.

Info-Directory Channel

Cleaner and More Complete
-Recently the old #information channel under our Discord's "Welcome & Services" tab at the top of our channel lists, was revamped as the #info-directory channel. This channel has a better list of links to many Azure Services and Azure community and social platforms, as well as links to RA:N and Hikaru Kazushime's content.

Recruitment Applications Channel

Separating Recruit Notices
-A new channel will be added specifically for Scout ranks and up to post our basic recruitment notices from our FFXIV Free Company. These notices are simple text forms that display the name of new recruits, date of recruitment or of joining the FC, who recruited them or how they found the FC, and any special notes. This channel will only be visible to Scout ranks and higher. Its purpose is to separate the forms from other content in our #scout-network channel, which may contain notices and discussions that pertain to the moderation and administration of Azure.

For All Scouts & Up
-When the channel is added, all Scout ranks and higher will be notified via a ping that recruitment notices must be posted in that channel from now on. Older notices will continue to be able to be referenced and searched via Discord's search function.

Voice Channel Etiquette & New Rules/Policy Revamp

Announcing A Few New Rules Soon
-New additions or edits to the Azure Infinitum Rules & Guidelines Charter (found at:) pertaining to voice channel etiquette will be added asap and announced in our #announcements channel when they go live.

Clarification & Procedure Breakdown
-Our policy revamp on etiquette in our voice channels will clarify Azure Council rank's procedures and permissions for managing voice channels, and what types of actions may be taken. 

New voice channel rules and procedure to be added in the revamp are:

1. Chatter and Banter during major Boss Fights and Segments of Content w/Mechanic Call-Outs by hosts will be prohibited unless otherwise stated.
2. Event hosts or Leadership may remind event attendees of #1 above, prior to or during an event.
3.Those who are consistently over-talking event hosts' directions or call-outs, or other's who're over-talking those calling raises or assisting in short bursts, (mentioning raises or calling out a mechanic the host forgot can be ok, but this may vary if too many people are wildly shouting) will be made a kind request to cease chatter. 
4.If chatter or talking over the event host does not cease, an official warning will be made w/another request to be silent or stop talking over them or others.
5.If an individual has been warned and continues to ignore requests by the event host, an event-ban and a strike will be issued. Event bans = 1 week of inability to attend an Azure event, and and Event Ban comes with 1 strike = 1 of  3 available strikes used against an individuals' membership. Strikes in Azure are removed after 1 full year of good behavior. 3 strikes = Discharge and Ban.
6.In the case of our learning parties, questions may be asked in text or voice as a wipe takes place and prior to pulls.

More To Be Listed For Good Harmony
-Other basic voice channel etiquette related to talking over others, using appropriate channels, and politely pausing or sharing channel air for each other to speak will be mentioned as well. 

Other Forms Of Voice Communication Issues & Procedures
-Consistent rude behavior in the voice channels via regular constant and loud interrupting of other people with no regard for their voice or comments, background noises, eating sounds, or distracting behavior (blasting music/sounds, distracting people in events or specified channels for people doing content while not actually in that content) will find a similar pattern of "kind request to stop" > "warning" > "Event Ban & Strike".

Help Keep Azure's VC's Welcoming & Accessible!
Its not that these types of behaviors are terribly rampant in our community, but they have surged to a degree in recent times and seem to be progressing. With content like 24-Man Raids and Bozjan Battlefront in FFXIV on the horizon, and a growing community, its important that we work together to be polite and use our voice channels appropriately when we're in them for doing content together, or otherwise.
Its up to us all to make sure our voice channels are a welcoming and inclusive space for all of our valued Azure family members to enjoy using.

Azure Resource Hub

A Source Of Great Information
-A new google document that comprises a list of resources related to Azure Infinitum and FFXIV has been compiled by Scout Captain Sebastian Lacroix. The Azure Resource Hub as the document is called, lists a great amount of links for helpful Discord resource servers that may give you an edge in FFXIV, alongside links for Azure Services, Social Media, and more. You can find the Azure Resource Hub document anytime by checking pins in our Discord.

Accessible Across Community Platforms
-A link to the Azure Resource Hub document will appear on our homepage at, and in a stickied thread on the FFXIV side of Azure FM forums.

Lieutenant Promotions

"By the grace of the Sky'sguard and the Infinitum Master, I honor my allegiance to Azure Infinitum, and pledge to protect it, to perform my duties under the Azure Sky as I handle the blade, pluck the bow, wield powerful magicks, foster community relations, and carry its will onward. I claim my seat of councilship, and honor my position as a leader of the Azure Sky, to serve, to inspire, and to endure." - Oath of the Infinitum Lieutenant in Azure Lore

Lieutenants make up the Lower Azure Council tier of our Leadership team. They are individuals who've graduated from the Azure Scout Initiative, our Support & Scout team, after training in our event protocol, leading weekly event parties, taking initiative to meet or support needs in the community, and have stayed consistent in aiding the Azure Council and Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima for an extended period of time.

Lieutenants of Azure take a new step into almost all that upper administration in the community requires, and learn council-procedures for nearly all potential situations. As proud members of the Azure Council, Lieutenants project Azure's values and seek to continue to help lead the community forward, while assisting Generals and the FC Master.

Balmung Kha
-In the sight of gods and men, and under the Azure Sky, Balmung Kha has been hereby inducted into the Azure Council, and takes a council seat as an Infinitum Lieutenant! Let us honor this grand moment! "May What Has Flown, Never Fall!"

Zelissa Ebonrose
-In the sight of gods and men, and under the Azure Sky, Zelissa Ebonrose has been hereby inducted into the Azure Council, and takes a council seat as an Infinitum Lieutenant! Let us honor this grand moment! "May What Has Flown, Never Fall!"

Scout Captain Promotions

"Beyond dawn or dusk, my watch does not cease. It shall not end with the clouding of the sky. Nor storm nor haze shall avert my gaze. I am the witness and the report. I am the hearer and the caller. I am a star in the night, and a beam from above. I am a mighty gust that clears the air, and defends all sky-touched lands. I pledge my duty and honor unto the Initiative, and to the people and Council of Azure Infinitum, from this day, and all days to come." - Oath of the Infinitum Scout Captain in Azure Lore.

Scout Captains are the highest rank in the Azure Scout Initiative. S.Captains represent everything it means to act as a Scout & Support Member of Azure Infinitum while also showing consistent initiative to meet needs and learn basic leadership protocol to assist Council ranks during live events and more. 

S.Captains lead their fellow Scouts and have mild authority among them, as well as practicing and wielding their intent to nurture the support team and the membership of Azure, and to also inspire or find new Scouts. S.Captain is the only rank in Azure Infinitum that trains specifically to graduate into a Council Lieutenant, if the promotion is desired.

The names below are hereby witnessed and recognized under the Azure Sky and in the sight of gods and men, as Azure Infinitum Scout Initiative Captains! May their watch

Sebastian Lacroix

Nora Swift

Vexin Silverthorn

Amillia Beaumont

Azure Summer Festival 2020

3 packed days of fun in the sun!
Azure Summer Festival 2020 is our yearly gem of the summer. Its the biggest event produced by Azure Infinitum, and has been a recurring tradition since summer 2016. 
The event features similar coordination and programming to our quarterly Azure Day Weekends, with a line-up of back to back events, minigames, contests, races, parades, parkour games, game and fashion shows, and more. 

More raffles and big group events
Flash raffles and other random fun will surprise members across the weekend between many events, and opportunities for large-scale community activity will be present across our parades, beach party and summer screenshots, and several larger events.

Variety and exclusives
Azure Summer Festival features some Azure Day Weekend favorites, but also mixes it up with exclusive summer-themed content and crazy events unseen anywhere else or at any other time. A summer auction will take place to help fund FC needs and our next big events, and a special charity drive for children in long-term care will also be present across the weekend. 

Keep an eye out for the announcement of our special digital program released on the official Azure Summer Festival 2020 page, coming soon!

Terry's Thavnairian Onion Project

Onward Onions!
Lt. Terry Mckinney has begun a big Thavnairian Onion project to grow as many of them as possible for members of Azure's Free Company! 
Thavnairian Onions must be fed one at a time to chocobos once they've reached level cap, following every level after 10. The onions have always been expensive due to the need to cross-breed several layers of items, seeds, and soil, and it can take weeks for one batch. We're using our FC gardens for this project, as well as our flower pots in our cellarage, and a garden over at The Sky's Respite, at plot 24 in our FC ward.
If you'd like a Thavnairian Onion for your chocobo, please DM or send a /tell and contact Terry. Onions are reserved in the order in which they were requested, and chocobo level must be ready to level, seen in our FC house's stable, and confirmed first before the onion is traded.
We hope this project lends a hand and a little boost to our member's onion needs, and maybe will save them a few gil too!

Help us out!
Anyone can assist us in helping the onions or their ingredients for cross-breeding go much faster by sprinkling Fishmeal fertilizer onto the crops growing in our gardens and pots!
Lots of Fishmeal will be available for anyone of Member rank or higher to grab at any time from our Company Chest Tab 1.
Crops can be sprinkled with Fishmeal every hour.

A New Alliance Pact

A new friend to Azure Infinitum
We are proud to announce that we are now officially allied with Doll Haus <Haus>! 
Doll Haus was founded in January of this year, and has 180 members. 
Their motto is "Help, always. We want to be always helpful to everyone."

What is Infinitum Alliance?
Infinitum Alliance is a server-wide project to carefully and slowly open alliances with other communities for the betterment of the sever and Azure's relations and reputation. We forge these pacts by discussing properties of alliance with other free companies on our server, and come to an agreement to uphold each other's name and help each other out when possible. Allied FC Masters or representatives join the Infinitum Alliance Linkshell, and they and their FC members may also join our Discord, Community Site Azure FM, or be seen across other Azure Services. Allies come in handy when event parties need another body to complete a Full Party, or maybe if a member is looking for someone with a particular set of skills to do something with while everyone else in the FC is busy or away- and likewise for our allies! 
Allies to Azure are also welcome to join in the fun during most Azure Day and other special events, and particular alliance events may include big Azure x Ally functions!

End of the Azure Recruit-A-Friend Campaign & Rewards

Thank you to everyone who participated!
The Azure Recruit-A-Friend Campaign that has awarded FC rooms and gil bonuses to members and their friends upon members recruiting their friends to Azure has ended.
We have had a wonderful influx of new members who've brought their friends to Azure during this campaign, and have thus decided to close this campaign as we begin to return to saving funds for several of this year's big events to come. About 20+ million gil was spent on the campaign. Events ahead that funding will focus on will be our Fall Room Decor Contest & Free Room Campaign, Azure Saint's Wake, Anniversary Azure Day 2020, and Azure Starlight Day.
This is simply the end of the campaign and its rewards, but our member's friends are still more than welcome to come aboard!


Effective August 11th
With the launch of patch 5.3 and in Azure tradition, 8-man raids from the most recent set will now be considered 'out of season'. This will effect Azure Eden Tuesdays which currently runs weekly Eden 1-4, and 5-8 normal raid parties for those who need the weekly Golden Blade of Antiquity, clears, or a shot at weekly loot. This will also effect our Sunday Eden Loot Finisher catch-up event which runs Eden 5-8 normal raids for the same purposes as another weekly party, prior to the weekly reset.
Both events will go on hiatus until their return at the launch of Patch 5.4 when Eden 9-12 release.

Tuesday mornings go classic!
Debuting last week was none other than the return of our Morning Classics series. Previous Friday Morning Classics, Tuesday Morning Classics begin the first morning of the server week with bright and budding clears of older raid content from Coil, to Alexander, to the Omega raids, and even some savage!

24-Man Tuesday's NieR Duo Debut and new bonuses on Wednesdays and Thursdays
Weekly Wondrous Wednesday Nights and Treasure Thursdays will have new rewards in Patch 5.3. 24-Man Tuesdays will debut on Tuesday evenings for runs/clears of both NieR raids, The Copied Factory and The Puppet's Bunker, for the weekly coins and a shot on potential loot.


Goodbye MMEX, hello Bozja!
Memoria Misera EX Learning and Progression that has run for several months now, will be retired on Fridays, and Bozjan Battlefront will take its place as a big large-scale Friday night relic event for big group progressions on the first relic step!

More Monstrous Mondays to come!
Our Monday event that has run Cinder Drift EX parties for learning the Ruby Weapon Extreme trial for progression and clears that has run since early Spring will be retired. We are presently unaware if the new trial will be Sapphire Weapon EX or some other mystery, as listed by the Patch 5.3 website as a 'Mystery Trial'.
Regardless, Azure will be supporting learning and progression parties for the latest EX trial.

Weekend Relic Catch-ups and Mount Farms
Our popular Mega Mount-A-Thon which occurs every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month will continue without change. Satuday's usual weekly "Journey to Shadowbringer's Relics" event will now run weekly Crystal Tower Trilogy clears.
Keep in mind that this event is not intended to run as a full Azure 24-Man Alliance, and that the intent is to group people who'd like a walkthrough of the raid trilogy with our host/s and a few others who'd like to accompany them. Due to the lengthy cutscenes and unlock processes, we require all attendees to come with Labyrinth of the Ancients unlocked, and may request cut-scene skipping during the latter raid unlocks if the event should somehow run beyond its 2 hour time-slot.

Sunday and the Azure Savage Static
There are currently no official plans for Azure weekly event content on Sundays, but the day is being left open in case we decide or are very able to host Shiva Unreal parties among our already lofty schedule. We are consistently improving our structure of ranks, and the training and addition of weekly event hosts is ongoing at full steam!
Currently we have a brand new set of teams for Azure Savage raiding, who are planning on running on Sundays and Mondays. If you're interested in Azure Savage raiding, contact Lt. Balmung Kha!

Azure Infinitum Patch 5.3 Weekly Event Schedule 

(Savage static schedule excluded)
(Times included are grouping times, events are officially set to begin 30 mins after)




7:30p ET/4:30p PT - Monstrous Mondays Feat. Mystery Trial EX Learning & Progression


12p ET/9a PT - Tuesday Morning Classics Feat. Rotating Weekly Classic Raids

8:30p ET/5:30p PT - 24-Man Tuesdays: NieR Duo 


10:30p ET/7:30p PT - Wondrous Wednesday Nights WT Parties


6:30p ET/3:30p PT - Treasure Thursdays


8:30p ET/5:30p PT - Bozjan Battlefront


5:30p ET/2:30p PT - Mega Mount-A-Thon (Every 1st and 3rd Saturday)

9p EST/6p PST - Journey to Shadowbringers Relics: Crystal Tower Trilogy

All dates, times, and event posters will be updated onto our official calendars and associated event channels & event pages community-wide just before the launch of Patch 5.3.

Monster Hunter World

Indefinite Hiatus
Our Monster Hunter World PS4 Azure Wing is officially on an indefinite hiatus. The PS4 Official Azure Squad ran weekly Hunt-A-Thons from April 2019-February 2020 and saw a group of nearly 20 Azure hunters come together to slay beasts and adventure together. The Squad's weekly events were postponed earlier this year when our previous Wing Commander's left the community. We attribute a loss in activity as well to the launch of FFXIV Patch 5.2, and a lack of interest/release in MHW content after many hunters reached the end of MHW's one and only expansion, Iceborne.
Unless a new Wing Commander is appointed alongside a handful of interested parties willing to participate in weekly hunts again, the squad will stay on an indefinite hiatus.

Elite Dangerous PC

Fly me to the moon...
General Shalindra Quartztail and others are still seeking more folks who want to join them to officially establish an Azure Wing in the PC edition of Elite Dangerous. Requirements and official establishment operation thread for Azure Wings can be found here:

Don't forget! Azure has a growing list of platforms, social media, and tools to interact with our community, discover helpful information, and places to share content! Take a look at our Azure Services page today!

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