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Azure Summer Festival 2020 Digital Guide & Official Program

An Azure Infinitum Special Event In Final Fantasy XIV Online

Azure Summer Festival is our biggest event of the year, taking place in FFXIV, and is among a list of special seasonal and quarterly celebrations that you can read more about here.

At Azure Summer Festival we host a large variety of minigames, contests, gameshows, races, raffles & giveaways, and more fun, all packed into 3 days over the last weekend of August each year. Events take place in an hourly format, some being alotted 1 or 2 hours.

Flash Raffles take place throughout the weekend between some events or at random times, and award a variety of prizes straight from the Azure Prize pool. Keep an eye out for them, and also for our Golden Flash Raffles which award 1 million gil!

Company Tabards will be available for request while supplies last. These tabards are the game's official FC-wear, and carry big Azure crests on the back and front, and look fantastic in blue. Combined with GC soldier's boots & gloves, and a Company Hat if you can get one, the set makes up the official Azure member formal attire for some of our more formal functions & commemorative screenshots. With the Tabards being the chest piece, they are considered the main part of the look, and are very expensive gil-wise, and the materials take months of airship farming- which is run daily by the Azure Council. Every member may have 1 Tabard, so don't get rid of it!

Don't forget to stop by the Azure Photo Booth just inside the hall, which is set up for you, or for you and your friends or comrades, to take some pictures together to make some memories and commemorative shots of your own from Azure Summer Festival 2020!

Azure Summer Festival 2020 is nearly completely funded by our community members with both gil donations, weekly Treasure Thursday event fundraising, and prize or auction donations. 

Azure Summer Festival 2020 events are put together for our FC members, community members, and official allies to attend.
We welcome friends of our members to watch or check out what we do, but recommend joining Azure Infinitum to participate in our events.

We will still be accepting donations of gil, prize, or auction items throughout the weekend, which can be deposited at our Company Chest, stored in tab 5 for items, or traded to Council Members (Lts, Generals, or Reika).

Azure Summer Festival 2020 will be hosting a charity walk/parade in-game on Sunday, August 30th, at 2:00 PM PST to raise donations for Child's Play, a charity organization that we raise funds for each year that brings things like books and video games to children in long-term care, making their hospitals stays or otherwise more bearable. Child's Play is also currently raising funds for children during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well. We will be presenting a link to an official Azure Summer Festival 2020 x Child's Play donation site that will be released on Friday, the first day of Azure Summer Festival 2020, where we will begin to raise funds, and advertise the donation page throughout the weekend.

During Azure Summer Festival 2020 we'll also be running a small ad campaign for our affiliates which supports Azure Infinitum and Run Around:Network hosting fees & more, and will provide links to deals and a coupon for saving on goodies like video game and anime merchandise when using our affiliates!

Times are listed in PST.
Events and times listed may be subject to change.
All events take place in zones from A Realm Reborn, unless otherwise marked.

Friday, August 28th, 2020

12p Azure Summer Festival Opening Ceremonies
Join us at Infinitum Hall's Estate Lawn as we open the weekend with Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima and members of the Azure Council sending their wishes to the community for a fantastic weekend, discussing everything to look forward to during Azure Summer Festival 2020, and a little bit of Summer Festival history!

1p Summer Moogle Ceremony
Our traditional summer moogle madness returns! In Azure Lore, long, long, ago, when Infinitum Hall was first built, His Greatness, Good King Moggle Mog XIIth, was said to have given a blessing to Azure Infinitum for enduring success and prosperity. During this alleged incident, a dark being known only as "Winston" schemed to undo His Grace, Good King Moggle Mog XIIth's alleged adoration for Azure, as he was jealous and bitter for an unknown reason...Join us in our traditional Moogle Ceremony where the alleged (probably true) tale of Winston and His Majesty, Good King Moggle Mog XIIth, and Azure, is told as we don Moogle-themed gear, outfits, Moogle-aesthetic mounts or attire, and gather together with any Moogle minions, Moogle weapons, and more- and dance through the ceremony and its sheer rediculousness, as the true story and origins of Winston is revealed...

2p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Triple Triad Tournament
Gathering will begin at our Cellarage (bottom floor) at Infinitum Hall, near the Triple Triad Board. The tournament will use our standard Azure Triple Triad Tournament rules, which will use the Reverse rule setting. This makes the weakest cards, the best, and allows anyone, even with the game's starter deck unlocked at The Manderville Gold Saucer, worthy of play! Matches will be held best 2 out of 3, or 2 draws and 1 win = victory. Host may allow Chaos or Sudden Death to be added to the rule-set, should a pair continuously draw.

3p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Parade & RP Walk/Pub Crawl & Raffles
Everyone can join us as we take a walk from Infinitum Hall to sights around La Noscea and beyond! The parade will feature mounts in the field, and will be on foot in major towns. The parade will stop at certain 'pubs' or adventurer guilds to hold raffles before moving on. This is a great chance to see a parade in FFXIV, attend multiple flash raffles during a single event, and enjoy the sights and photo ops this event produces!

4p D.A.R.T.S. Summer Tournament Edition
Our Diving At Random Target Scenario event, aka D.A.R.T.S., is a favorite at Azure Day Weekends and Summer Festivals. This event includes the announcement of a gathering point (usually a high up spot, and always in ARR zones), with special rules stated and a 'bullseye' pointed out. The purpose? To fling out bodies dangerously toward the target, landing in place, as a top number of those closest to it are chosen and move on to the next rounds & locations!

5p The Amazing Riddle Race Returns!
One of our oldest traditions at Azure Day Weekends and Azure Summer Festivals, our Amazing Riddle Race involves finding several 'NPCs' played by volunteers, who, after the initial riddle is announced, await contestants who will solve riddle by riddle, which will lead them through each of them, across ARR zones. Each 'NPC' will trade a special item to those who find them, which must be traded to the final 'NPC' as the last riddle is solved!

6p Rising Racing Raiders: Heaven on High Team Challenge [Stormblood]
Teams will be grouped at Infinitum Hall and will then move to the NPC in The Ruby Sea for entering Heaven on High. As soon as the host and all teams are ready, the teams will head into Heaven on High, racing through as many floors as they can before "TIME!" is called in FC Chat. The amount of time the teams will have will be announced when the race is ready to start. After "TIME!" has been called, teams must screenshot the floor they are on with the floor's number visible, and exit Heaven on High, presenting the screenshot to the event host or hosts.

7p Summer Festival Auction
The Summer Festival Auction will include a mixture of low and high value items, separated into a low baller's and high baller's segment. Spending limits will be in place so that those with seemingly infinite pockets aren't unfair to others with more humble purses. This is a great way to score items that may be presented cheaper than Market Board values, and all gil goes to funding our next big event and FC needs!

9p Summer Saucer Night
Its a summer night at the Manderville Golden Saucer where Azure members and comrades alike will party up for a slew of G.A.T.E.S. and Flash Raffles in between! Come relax at the end of our first epic day of Azure Summer Festival 2020, earn some MGP together, and maybe win some prizes from the Azure Prize Pool too!

Saturday, August 29th, 2020

12p Super Duper Hide & Seek: Beach Bonanza
Our traditional Hide & Seek game with a beach twist! Rules and details will be explained at the event. 

1p Parkour Panic: Tumbling Towers
A special course for Parkour Panic will be announced when the event begins grouping at the start time listed. Attendees will be brought to the location of the course and will be shown where the 'goal' or 'finish area' is, and it will be up to them to figure out our jump puzzle, and find their way through! Oh...and its a race...a TIMED one! Let's get ready to paaaaaaaanic!

2p The Need for Speedgeons HARD MODE [ARR HM DUNGEONS REQ]
Teams will be organized who will run several rounds of HM dungeons in a race against other teams. This event will be UNSYNCED! Must have cleared the ARR Hard Mode dungeons.

3p Azure Summer Maze RUSH!
The Azure Maze Race returns in the form of a very special design, built into a THREE STORY MANSION ESTATE using a ton of partitions. But wait, this isn't just a race...its also a hidden object game! Race against other attendees and find all the hidden objects. At the end of the maze is a room where Reika Fujishima will be waiting for your list of all the hidden object's names! Big rewards await the first 3 who win!

4p Who Wants To Be A Gillionaire?
One of our most infamous gameshows, featuring trivia about Final Fantasy XIV! This very special game will poll the studio audience and choose contestants who will climb their way through a list of Trivia questions! One wrong 'final answer' will send contestants back to the audience, but don't fear, you'll have several 'lifelines' at your disposal to strategically and (maybe) effectively climb the ladder to the grand prize of 5 MILLION GIL!

6p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Commemorative Screenshot & Beach Party
Join us at a special location announced when the event begins, where we'll have some fun doing raffles at a beach, take some photo ops at a few different scenes, and take a big Azure Summer Festival 2020 Commemorative Screenshot together! Become immortalized in Azure history as a part of our 2020 active roster.

8p Azure Bard Night
Bard Night is a simple gathering at an announced location, that will include a relaxing hang out scene at the end of another fantastic day of Azure Summer Festival 2020. Bards in our community who're versed in the musical arts, are welcome to take turns using the Perform action, serenading those attending. Some folks get really creative, and you'd be surprised how nice it can be to just chill with your comrades, and listen to other's creativity and skill. Oh...and enter some final Flash Raffles of the day!

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

12p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Summer Chocobo Cup
The final day of Azure Summer Festival 2020 will kick off with the return of the Summer Chocobo Cup! This will be a bracketed tournament of Chocobo Races, and we welcome all to join in the fun! Chocobo races will be synced, so there's no concern about newbies to Chocobo racing being outpaced by pro racer's Chocobos of high pedigrees. 

2p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Child's Play Charity Walk
Like our Azure Summer Festival 2020 Parade that takes place on Friday, we'll be walking together this time for the purpose of charity. The walk will take place across several in-game major cities and zones across ARR zones.

3p Parkour Panic: Hostile Hostelry D.A.R.T.S. Edition
The infamous "Kugane Tower" course will be presented for this Parkour Panic! We are revealing it here to give time to those who'd like to take the climb and compete during this event. This one is difficult, but those who make it to the top...must still jump farthest and closest to a specified bullseye that will be announced on a nearby bridge! Don't forget its a race too! Let's get ready to paaaaaaaanic!!!

5p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Masquerade & Fashion Show
This event will see walk-ons and skits perform on a stage in front of a live audience. Both categories will be judged based on their designs and presentation overall, by a panel chosen to judge beforehand.

6p Commemorative Screenshot at Infinitum Hall
One more group screenshot for the weekend that takes place at the Azure Photobooth at Infinitum Hall to commemorate Azure Summer Festival 2020!

7p Trivia Rush
Taking place at our top floor at Infinitum Hall, 3 contestants at a time will 'race' each other in a 3-lane track, moving space by space, square by square as they quickly answer Final Fantasy XIV themed trivia questions...with only 20 seconds to answer each time! Several rounds will be played, and contestants will be chosen via rolls using /random. Rules and more will be announced at the event.

8p Azure Summer Festival 2020 Closing Ceremonies
Join us as we close out Azure Summer Festival 2020 with Azure Leadership and attending members of all ranks, as we discuss the weekend and memories we've made. There will also be some final Flash Raffles for the weekend that will take place.

Don't forget! We have two Azure FM Events for Azure Summer Festival 2020!

The Airship & Submarine Naming Contest 2020 Official Winners and Winning Names will be announced at the end of Azure Summer Festival 2020!
The Official Voting Phase begins tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th at our forums on!

Summer Festival Scavenger Hunt will go live on Friday, August 28th at our forums at! A list of things will be posted on the official event thread, where those doing the scavenger hunt will post screenshots of said things as proof they found them. The first entry with the full list of correct items will win a MYSTERY PRIZE!

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