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Azure Ranks & Information

Azure Ranks and Information 

The ranks and sections below list all ranks in the Azure Infinitum Community. 
Ranks are considered universal across all Azure platforms and content, unless otherwise noted in parenthesis. 
Recruit and Member ranks may take different names depending on the platform, but are referred to as thus as their universal terms. 

Recruits in FFXIV automatically become Member ranks after 3-7 days of noticeable activity. 

Leadership & Administration 

  • Master 
  • General 
  • Lieutenant 

Scout & Support 

  • Scout Captain 
  • Scout 


  • Legacy Member (FFXIV) 
  • Member 
  • Recruit 

Special Ranks 

  • Champion (FFXIV) 
  • Alliance (Discord, Website) 
  • Wing Commander (Azure Wings) 

Ranking Up In Azure

Ranking up in Azure Infinitum is treated as a graduation of role and responsibility in our community as necessary and as earned. While Special Ranks will be given to those under special circumstance or responsibility, the main line of promotion in Azure is from Member through General. 
Many members of our community may not wish to rank up or move beyond their present rank- and that is ok. Others will strive to display consistency and initiative to work their way up through support and/or leadership. Regardless, our philosophy is that our people do what they’re able to do with the time available to them, but never exhaust themselves. 

We want to make sure that those ranked in our Support and Leadership ranks are using their ranks regularly and staying moderately aware of any major needs, news, updates, or duties that pertain to them. That being said, we also don’t want anyone of any rank to put their real life second to Azure, or stress. 

Where Ranking Up Starts 


Members in our FFXIV Free Company, or any membership level rank in any official Azure Wing, will want to make sure they’ve been recently and consistently active and engaged in our community. From there, said members should seek someone from the Azure Council (Lieutenants, Generals, Master) and enquire about stepping up to join our first level of official support and promotion in Azure Infinitum- becoming a Scout rank of the Azure Scout Initiative. Enquiries are welcome via any form of contact, be it Discord DMs, an in-game private message, and more. 
From that point, the enquiry will be discussed with the contacted Council member and reviewed by the Azure Council. 
Review times may vary. 

Some members of Azure Infinitum who show great consistent support, engagement, and initiative may be sought out and contacted by Leadership & Administrative ranks about ranking up. 


Official Prerequisites For Promotion From Member > Scout 
  • 3 Months of Membership 
  • Completion of ARR MSQ (FFXIV) 
  • 1 Free Linkshell Slot (FFXIV) 

What It Means To Be A Scout 

Scouts are actively engaged members of the community who have taken the first step up in officially supporting Azure Infinitum as a part of its Scout & Support team. Scouts are those who typically go out of their way to embed themselves into becoming more recognizable personas of assistance and resourcefulness amidst the community. Scout duty is versatile and may be manifested how a Scout chooses, so long as they maintain their rank by demonstrating ability to take initiative in assisting others in Azure, and stay generally active. 

Scouts gain access to support channels to better assist their rank, such as Scout channels in Discord and in-game channels like the Scout Linkshell for quick communication. Through these and the making of small notes or reports, Scouts also support Azure by being extra eyes and ears for the Azure Council, especially for reporting needs, witnessed issues, and kudos. 

Finally, Scouts also support Azure through optional recruitment duty & permissions. For those with the fire to scout out new members for Azure, Scouts have invite abilities and follow specific recruitment protocol to practice our method and rules of recruitment. 
Recruitment is positive to see take place and is a morale booster, as well as the addition of activity in the community. 

While also optional, Scouts may also attend Official Events with the intent of lending their support, and in very rare circumstances, and with mild guidance, may be asked to take lead of an Official Event party if grossly needed. 

Scouts practice the very basics of what all higher ranks and future leaders must have under their belt who practice these duties regularly without thought. 

Scout Captain

Official Prerequisites To Rank Up From Scout > Scout Captain 
  • 3 Months Spent As Scout w/Consistent Support & Activity 
  • Official Hosting Clearance For One Or More Official Events 
  • MSQ & Optional Content Cleared Through Latest Patch (FFXIV) 

Ranking Up To Scout Captain 

Scouts who are interested in hosting Official Events, have demonstrated to the Azure Council that they have routinely performed Scout duties for 3 or more months, and shown ability to foster deep relationships with guiding or supporting other Scouts and all community ranks, will undergo live-event training to become a Scout Captain.

Scout Captains may or may not receive promotion to the rank while still undergoing live-event training- this lies at the Council’s discretion and may vary. Scout Captains who have completed or are in live-event training, are treated as Back-Up Hosts who support or fill in for an Official Event’s Main Host, and as such are usually not considered Main Hosts during Official Events unless specially granted the privilege by the Azure Council. 
When undergoing live-event training, at least one event in particular will be assigned to the Scout or Scout Captain who’s in training, based on their availability, and they will be expected to routinely attend the assigned event alongside one or more Main Hosts or Council Members who will observe or facilitate their training. 
Live-Event Training is mandatory for Scout Captains as all ranks from here and up must be well versed in Azure’s Official Event Protocol, which executes many tried and true methods for event efficiency, order, and completion. Gaining Official Event 

Hosting Clearance through such Training includes: Successful regular completion of Azure Official Event Hosting and Grouping Protocol, Execution and Completion of Events in a timely and organized manner, consistency in being a moderately guiding presence and/or Voice, displaying resourcefulness as an event host and keeping an event party on task, and more. 

The amount of time and training to gain Official Event Hosting Clearance will vary and is at the discretion of the Azure Council. After Clearance is gained, Scout Captains may continue to serve as Back Up Hosts for the event they trained for or as Back Up or Main Hosts for another one or more. 

Buff Support (FFXIV) 

As a Scout Captain, the ability to activate and cancel Free Company Actions is available. From Scout Captain to Master rank, all assist with checking the community Buff Schedule and as a team are all responsible for making sure the correct Actions are activated within the range of 12AM EST/9PM PST to 3AM EST/12AM PST each day. This is done simply by selecting actions in the FC window in-game, discarding any that are still active at the activation time, and activating the following day’s actions. 

Scout Captains are expected to act as mediators and contact between the Scout & Support tier aka the Azure Scout Initiative of Scouts and Scout Captains, and the Azure Council. Scout Captains should not only seek to enrich and support others in the community, but hold a special focus on utilizing and enriching Azure’s support team of Scouts. Scout Captain, like Scout, is not a Leadership or Administrative rank, but they do have authority to request aid from available Scouts if needed. 

Scout Captains will be privy to knowledge or needs from the Azure Council needed to help facilitate and communicate community content such as Official Events when needed, such as rule changes, requests to quiet Voice Channels during Official Events, and more. 

Those who have mastered everything it means to be a member of Azure’s Scout & Support team and have stayed consistent may be contacted by the Azure Council for potential promotion into the Leadership & Administration team. 
The time spent for promotion from Scout Captain to the next rank up may vary and is different for each. It is up to the Azure Council to gauge who has years of leadership experience or a natural knack for things, versus those who may need consistent mentoring. 



Official Prerequisites To Rank Up From Scout Captain > Lieutenant 
  • 1 Free Linkshell Slot (FFXIV) 
  • Consistent Routine Completion of Scout Captain Duty 
  • An Approved Council Vote 
  • Working Mic for VC Calls/Channels Lieutenant 
  • Acceptance of Council Permissions & Duties

Like the Scout Initiative, or the Scout & Support tier, which is composed of Scouts and Scout Captains, the Leadership & Administration team, AKA The Azure Council, is built with Lieutenants and Generals, and is helmed most directly by the Master. Lieutenants are considered the lower tier of the Council, and act as a ‘Junior Officer’ type rank. 
This rank is the most common of the Council ranks and are vital lifelines in handling the day to day operations in the community. 
Lieutenants being Council members, are not held to any small specific list of duties, but instead practice everything that lower ranks are expected to, while also taking initiative to show care for the community as a parent would a child. This means Lieutenants are quick to coach members of all rank or guide Scouts & Scout Captains toward optimal support or efficiency in their duties, act as mediators for possible issues that arise for members, assist Generals or the Master directly with a myriad of tasks, and much more- but all in moderation of course.

Lieutenants are the culmination of months of hard work and dedication to the community. They are trusted with handling the sometimes sensitive nature of community moderation and work on the Council behind the scenes to ensure the core philosophies and operations of Azure Infinitum are maintained. 

Promotions from Scout Captain to Lieutenant is performed carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that each has built a presence within the community while understanding and practicing what it takes to perform each rank’s duties, and has the drive to keep going while being able to manage their own energy and find the right balance. 

Lieutenants are often chosen when the current council discusses promotions internally at monthly Council Meetings and following them, then ensures the full council has a chance to vote. 
Final votes are judged by the Master, along with any comments and input by members of the Council. 

Scout Captains promoted to Lieutenants gain new permissions in our FFXIV Free Company. These permissions include the abilities of Buff Stocking, Buff Charging & Conversion, and Airship & Submarine Deployments. 

Buff Stocking (FFXIV)

A Council-wide team effort, that involves visiting The Maelstrom and speaking with the NPC at the far left of the counter and purchasing buffs needed for our Buff Schedule to store 14/15 FC Actions, leaving 1 space open for Grade III Charged Buffs. 

Buff Charging & Conversion (FFXIV) 

This is done at the Aetherial Wheel Stand at our Estate’s top floor. Aetherial Wheels in Tab 5 can be placed on the Wheel Stand to be charged for roughly 3 days. After 3 days, the charged wheel is removed and converted through the same menu. Charged wheels convert directly into Grade III FC Buffs. From January to July during an Expansion Year, only Grade III Battle EXP wheels are charged to accommodate the FC's plan to provide 2 months of Grade III Battle EXP on the release of an expansion. 
Making sure buffs are always charging and charged wheels are converted is a team effort. 

Airship & Submarine Deployments (FFXIV)

These consist of checking the Company Workshop and/or the Timers menu to see if our Airships & Submarines need to be redeployed. Keeping them going via Redeploys is done by taking Ceruleum Tanks from Tab 5 of our Company Chest. 
Magitek Repair Materials are always or often provided in Tab 5 as well, and can be used to repair the Airships or Submarines if needed. Typically the Council or Master will decide on what our vessels are deploying for, and only 4 may be deployed at a time. It is a team effort to keep them running, and most of the time Lieutenants will simply help with redeploying them. 
Materials or rewards from the voyages are placed in Tab 5 for the Master to store or liquidate for the Azure Prize Pool or the FC Chest. 

It is good for Lieutenants to develop ‘rounds’ or habits they can make when logging in or before logging off, such as checking on our Submarines & Airships, our Aetherial Wheel Stand, or what Actions may be needed to be stocked. 

As an Azure Council rank, Lieutenants gain access to Leadership & Administration channels, such as Discord Channels or our in-game Azure Council Linkshell. 
All Council Members are expected to stay informed of any recent announcements, keep the Council updated on their personal schedules or availability if significant changes occur, and may attend Azure Council Meetings, speak from the High Table at Grand Assemblies, and attend other special functions such as the Azure Infinitum Podcast & more. 
All Council ranks also act as community moderators universally, wherever their presence lies in the community. 

Lieutenants that not only prove themselves as junior leaders and moderators of Azure Infinitum but also go above and beyond to assist the Generals of the High Council and the Master on a consistent and effective basis may be approached for one final promotion. 


Prerequisites For Ranking Up From Lieutenant > General 
  • 6 Months to 1 Year Of Consistent Lieutenant Duty 
  • Discussion & Special Consideration From The Master 
  • An Approved High Council Vote 

The Generals of Azure Infinitum represent a team of people who represent everything it means to display the Azure spirit of the Leadership & Administration team, they are embodiments of Azure’s Rules & Guidelines Charter, acting as guiding lights and great improvisers, as well as displayers of endless sheer love and dedication for the community. 

Generals may vary in personality traits and skills, but have been chosen from the Lieutenants to rank up into a role that has no qualms with sacrificing for the good of Azure- whether it be their own time, progression, you name it. 
Generals are selfless by default and are steadfast, resourceful, and go above and beyond the call to assist Azure in whatever way needed. 

Generals are the ‘Officer’ rank and make up the High Council portion of the Azure Council. While the Azure Council acts as one team, High Council related duties include managing Lieutenants and sometimes assisting the Master more closely. 

Like the Lieutenants of the Council, Generals often work behind the scenes, making sure member reports are handled, events are being run, ranks are performing, and Azure is operating smoothly. 
Generals may also act as a unified figurehead in the event the Master herself is unreachable or in need of great assistance. 

The Generals of Azure Infinitum is also referred to as The Sky’s Guard or their lesser slang name, The Blue Cloaks. 


There exists but one in the Master rank. 
Known as the Infinitum Master, Founder, or just Reika Fujishima. 
The Master’s duty to Azure Infinitum puts their command at the top, governing all major decisions and overseeing all operations while leading the community forward. The Master leads the Leadership & Administration team and sees over all ranks while also performing much their duties as a fellow member of the team. 

The Master radiates and works to manifest the values of Azure Infinitum, while leading its people with encouragement, positivity, compassion, determination, philosophy, and resolve. 

The Master has lead Azure Infinitum since its beginning in 2014 and carries extensive experience and knowledge, putting it to use in many ways. The Master also oversees community resources such as websites, social media, documents and registries made to assist Azure, and is the developer behind Azure’s aesthetic, image, lore, and orchestrates its direction. 

It is the duty of the Master to update and manage the Azure Infinitum Rules Charter, as well as leading Council Meetings, creating content for Azure, moderating Azure’s event calendars, all reports filed officially within the community, and managing Azure’s Roster, Promotions, & Discharges. In addition, the Master handles most diplomacy with other communities, affiliations, large community projects, Azure special events, some weekly event content, building strong relations with and between members, overseeing training progress, leading Grand Assemblies, and always planning steps ahead to envision and build Azure’s future alongside the Azure Council. 
It is the Master who confirms and judges the final say on Council votes for membership strikes, bans, or things like plans, changes, or additions. 

The Master’s prime focus is making Azure Infinitum the best place it can be for its people, and must always be prepared for many other qualities or duties that could arise, to keep making that focus a reality. The Master leads Azure Infinitum as Run Around:Network’s portal community for all gamers, geeks, and hobbyists, and continues to build it as a brand and a community platform that will continue to grow.


Other Ranks 

Legacy Member (FFXIV)

Prerequisites for Legacy Member Rank 
  • 2 Years of active membership in Azure Infinitum's Free Company
  • Must have registered on Azure FM prior to August 2019 OR recruited since August 2019  

After 2 years of membership in our FFXIV Free Company, members will be upgraded to Legacy Member rank. 
Legacy Members are given a higher position on the online roster list under Scouts, gaining a special rank that also highlights them on the in-game roster, and in-game they have permission to use the Orchestrion at the FC Hall to change the music played in Infinitum Hall. 

Other perks and community bonuses are in the works for Legacy Members. 

Some returning members who were discharged for inactivity but return, and also fall under our list of activity policy exceptions may also gain the rank if they have or had been a member for roughly 2 years. 

Council Members who’ve made an impact on Azure Infinitum by serving 6 months or more, regardless of total time in the community, will also qualify for Legacy Member rank should they be demoted or step down. 

Alliance Member 

Prerequisites for Alliance Member Rank 
  • Membership in at least one officially allied faction OR a special granting of the rank per individual by the Infinitum Master 

Alliance Members are members of Azure Infinitum who use Azure Services such as our website or Discord, and use them while existing in one of Azure’s officially allied factions, guilds, free companies, etc.. 
Alliance Members are welcome to attend Special Events such as Azure Day Weekends, and may join in-game services such as our Alliance Linkshell (FFXIV) for assistance callouts. 

Champion (FFXIV) 

Prerequisite for Champion Rank 
  • Become the winner of Azure’s quarterly Grand Duel Tournament AND defeat the present Champion or claim a vacant Infinitum Championship title 

There is only one Champion at a time in Azure Infinitum, and they are whoever has claimed the Infinitum Championship during one of Azure’s Grand Duel Tournaments. Champion is a special rank that highlights its holder with a special symbol in-game and places them higher on the online roster. 

Regardless of what rank the Champion holds before winning the Infinitum Championship, they will receive a promotion to the Champion rank with the additions of edits to the rank to match what rank they hold normally, thus there may be Champions who are any rank at the same time. 

Champion is not highlighted in Azure Wings or Azure Services, and thus a Champion’s normal rank will be displayed regularly elsewhere.
Champions receive a pot of gil when earning the rank and are routinely referred to as Champion as an honor. 

Champions also go into Azure’s Champion Hall of Fame styled listing on Azure FM and may be featured in Azure media. 

Wing Commander
Prerequisite for Wing Commanders
  • Clearance from the Master to lead a successfully formed and operational Azure Wing 
  • Must already be a Scout Captain or higher rank in our community 

This is a special rank that is handled similarly to Champion rank. 
Wing Commander is a secondary rank that is only displayed across Azure Services as a role tag such as in Discord, and is used as a spoken title for those who’ve become one in order to lead and service an Azure Wing. 

Wing Commanders are responsible for running and being the driving force that helms a Wing of Azure Inifnitum, a faction made in any game that supports clan tags or guild-like features, built to follow our universal Rules & Guidelines Charter. 

Wing Commanders must hold at least one weekly event for the Wing they’re responsible for, and should plan to be involved long-term until said Wing is inoperable or otherwise inactive. 

Wing Commanders also report directly to the Master about Wing progress, any unsolvable or difficult issues, and may request guidance at any time.

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