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Azure Community News Round-Up February 2021

Welcome to our roundup of news for the Azure Infinitum community!
Below you will find a list of bulleted announcements, some with short descriptions.
Reading the information here will give you the quickest idea of what recent changes or additions have been made or are upcoming for Azure!
Most of these topics were recently presented at our Azure Grand Assembly that took place Saturday, February 6th, 2021.

Azure's FFXIV Rankings Rise
Rankings are a fickle thing. They're generated by activity in the FC and GC turn-ins, and are translated by company credits that are automatically turned into lodestone credits. With popular community content like Ishgard Restoration Rankings & more, we've seen the weekly rankings jump all over the place. Monthly rankings are a lot more solid, and represent how active an FC remained over 4 weeks rather than in smaller doses.
Keep in mind that credit values may stay the same or slowly rise, but ranking placement is based on the credits of other FCs! So if you see us drop a little, don't fret! We could easily be maintaining in the high doses of activity that Azure is known for while other's grinds, recruited players, or even Estate purchases (yes) has shot them to the top of the list.

Addition of Castrum Marinum (Extreme) to Monstrous Mondays, and the added Evening time of 12am ET/9pm PT
Want to prog Emerald Weapon with us? We've got a learning/prog party now taking place every Monday evening with Emerald Evenings at Monstrous Monday's additional timeslot. Just come with Castrum Marinum (Extreme) unlocked!

Morning Treasure Thursdays Parties Go On Hiatus
Due to an attendance drop on Thursday mornings, we've halted operation of our morning timeslot for Treasure Thursdays event that runs Zonureskin map parties each week. This event may return but is presently on hiatus until further notice.

Blue Man Group Joins Our Official Weekly Event Line-up!
Nora Swift's Blue Mage event that has grown in popularity continues to evolve. It will now be joining our official line-up of events and will be listed on all official calendars and channels. The event takes place every Sunday at 9p ET/6p PT and seeks to structure itself around Blue Mage leveling and spell unlocks.

Azure Day Weekend Announced for March 13th and 14th!
Our absurdly popular wild two-day celebration of our community in FFXIV continues tradition but moves to March this year! Taking place since mid-2015, Azure Day Weekend will hold a large variety of games, contests, races, gameshows, giveaways, and more across 24 hours of event time spread across two days! There are 200 prizes in store to be won throughout our weekend, some to be featured in our popular Azure Day Auction and Flash Raffles! Events will begin both Saturday, March 13th, and Sunday, March 14th, at 3p ET/12p PT! You don't want to miss it!

Azure's Future Plans Leading To 6.0 (Content-Wise)
We work to adapt our weekly event line-up to current content in FFXIV, and thus will continue hosting Azure Eden Tuesdays until Patch 5.5's launch in April. From that point we'll be seeing weekly Azure 24-Man Tuesdays: NeiR RaiD Trilogy runs begin with the launch of the next and (probably?) final NeiR raid.
We're currently open to adapting our Bozja Battlefront event to eventually include Delubrum Reginae grouping. In April, our Monstrous Monday's evening party will move to the next extreme trial in Patch 5.5, and Castrum Marinum extreme will be added to primetime Monstrous Mondays.
All events will continue weekly until very close to the 6.0 expansion's launch this Fall. We've also got several Azure Day Weekends, Azure Summer Festival, and our Resurgens Caeruleum plans to finalize.

The Rising of Azure Recruitment Campaign Has Begun!
Running until February 27th, we've launched a community-wide recruitment campaign! Anyone in our FC can participate! Check it out here:

Resurgens Caeruleum Status
Also known as the Azure Rising Project, our many phased plan to overhaul Azure Infinitum and rise to a never before seen level is currently entering the final stages! Until the coming expansion launch in FFXIV, we are working hard to continue to grow our community's roster with active players, build our envisioned Council and Support team and their ranks, and continue developing the highest active core membership we've ever seen. We want to continue to develop our inner industry, and fine tune every other corner of the community that we can! The groundwork has been laid for a strong and bright future for Azure over the past year and a half, along with our coming Azure Wing projects in multiple games, the revival of our Podcast, and much more! 
We have a little extra time than we imagined we'd have, as 6.0 launches in the Fall, not the Summer like usual expansion launches for XIV release in. This means that we've got extra time to keep ironing out everything we need to be ready!

Azure Grand Melee Duel Tournament Takes Place 2/28 at 8p ET/5p PT
Come on down to the Dueling Circle at The Wolve's Den Pier for 1v1 action in a full bracketed tournament! Anyone in the FC or Azure Community can enter, and all are welcome to watch! Big prizes await those who make it to the semi-final and up. Tournament Victor will have a shot at facing our current title holder, Infinitum Champion Faelana Breeze!

Azure Novice Project In R&D!
We are currently establishing a multi-tiered project for assisting community members who are new players to FFXIV, or new to specific content! This project lets those willing, to become Azure Mentor roles, and creates a database of them and their specialties. There is also our Azure Novice discord channel and an Azure Novice LinkShell and Fellowship under construction as well. We hope to continue to address the need for support in our community among everyone, especially lower level members and returning players alike.

Azure Hunters LinkShell restructured as Azure Hunts/BLU LinkShell
The LS has been renamed and will still be a place to call out hunts, but now shares its purpose as the place to organize and gather Azure's inner BLU community.

Azure Info Board Fellowship
The Azure Info Board Fellowship we created when the feature was released late 2019, but we failed to fully utilize it or keep it up. At that time not only did the Azure Info Board Fellowship go defunct, we also felt that it just wasn't the right time for it anyways. Today we've revived it as a handy in-game tool to reference the times for our events, post needed help, personal events, or see important short news blurbs about activities in Azure or more! Fellowship inviting is pretty buggy, so invites are going out as often as possible!

A new rank has been added: Scout Sergeant!
S.SGT is a new rank that helps us establish a rank and role for highly active scouts who may be regularly assisting events or learning to host them and become S.Captains. This is also a senior-scout type role and may be returned to at any time by Scout Captains who cease to lead and host events but remain an active supporting member of the Azure support squad- the Azure Scout Initiantive! 
Fleshing out our Scout ranks also helps us increase the definition of our Scout Captain's ranks as assigned and cleared highly active Scouts who will host assigned events regularly with or without the Azure Council present, who stay consistent, help organize and support the ranks below them in the initiative, and also who may be working toward joining the Azure Council.

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