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Rising of Azure Recruitment Campaign

As recently announced in our community update shared on Discord and our social media, as well as at our recent Azure Grand Assembly, 2/7/21 marks the date of the start of the Rising of Azure Recruitment Campaign in Final Fantasy XIV!

As we've now entered the long final phase of Resurgens Caeruleum, (our community overhaul project that began last May), its now time for us to all work together to grow our roster further and prepare to reach our Free Company's cap of 512 active members- or as close to it as we can!

This Recruitment Campaign will conclude on February 27th.

There's also rewards for our top recruiters!

Please read below to get started.

How To Participate:
Recruitment in Azure is normally done by Scout ranks and up, and it may not be for everyone, however some may be surprised at how simple it can be and how positive it can feel.

If you'd like to take part, you must follow these rules below:

1.All who are participating must be registered at Azure FM (our community site), and follow the guidelines on the Official Azure Rising Recruitment Campaign Thread. This simply involves quickly registering for a free Shivtr account and then applying to Azure FM at At the official thread, follow simple instructions for how to submit and count recruits you've gotten into Azure.

2.Find FC-less players in our server and recruit them. Only FC-less, poaching other communities is prohibited. If anyone from another FC naturally inquires and proceeds to join us, the inquiry must be documented as a screenshot and submitted with your entries on the Official Thread.

3.Do not use /shouts. There could potentially be way too many people in this campaign to have lots of shouts going off, and we don't want to annoy our server.
Scouts and higher ranks will be prohibited from using recruitment shouts for the duration of the campaign.

4.All potential recruits must be told that we keep a "No-Drama Policy" and be pointed to our Rules Charter. They may be recommended to read it at their leisure and do not have to read the entire thing before applying or being invited. It is up to you how much you want to tell them about Azure, and its recommended to mention our events are optional, that we recruit casuals/vets/returners/newbies alike, and more about our FC.

5.All potential recruits must be told about our Activity Policy which is as follows; Those who will be offline longer than 2 months must post in #absence-notifications on Discord for record of their vacation and will be given On Vacation rank until 120 days. At 120 days if we don't hear from them they'll be removed. All members removed for inactivity are welcome to rejoin. All members may join up to 3 times. Some exceptions can be made by the FC Master.

6.If you're a member or recruit rank, you must have the person you're recruiting submit an application to the FC and put the name of who recruited them in their application so all who handle applications can see and not give them double information.

What We're Aiming For
Azure's active and organized community model is meant to run a 24hr cycle of activity, despite being a mostly North American-based community, we want to support all of our members by having a quality and active roster that always has a good amount of people online. However, its important that while we recruit, we stick to our generous and fine-tuned activity policy that maintains a roster with as little inactives and folks gone MIA as possible. This doesn't mean we'll ever stop recruiting, as there'll always be a small percentage of inactives removed and actives recruited. 
We're working toward building the largest active core we've ever seen, and to do this, we're looking to work together to fill out as much of our roster that we can.

Accomplishing the construction of the largest active core membership we've ever seen while building toward the cap in-game, we will create and work to sustain a very lively community and doing this now means all new members will have plenty of time to enjoy Azure for the rest of the Shadowbringers era, and get set for the next threshold to come!

Alongside this goal, we are quickly strengthening our Leadership team and our Support team while training and promoting new members into both to positions that will continue to greatly assist our community and each other.


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