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Azure Day Weekend March 2021? AGAIN?!

Azure Day Weekend March 2021
April 1st

Events begin at 4a EST/1a PST

Azure Day celebrations is our way of celebrating our community. There are several kinds of Azure Days throughout the year! You can read about them here.

On Azure Days we hold a variety of in-game events, mini-games, contests, gameshows, and more. Check out the official line-up below to see what we've planned.

MOUNT RAFFLES take place throughout the weekend, keep an eye out for our special HOUSING WARD RAFFLES sure to piss off the entire playerbase and wind up on Reddit or Kotaku!

Company Tabards will be totally hoarded for free and unavailable to all members who do not have one.

Don't forget to stop by the Azure Lemonade Booth on our first floor and take some pics to commemorate the weekend!

Azure Day Events are put together for anybody.
We are still accepting donations to our Prize Pool for Azure Day Prizes and Giveaways!

Times listed below are in PST?

Events and Event Details listed are subject to change...probably.



Join us at the FC Estate Lawn as we kick off our second Azure Day celebration of 2021 with some words from FC Leadership and talk about the weekend's events. Flash Raffles will also be present as a fun way to kick off the weekend!


Its the middle of the night and the night is hot with big cats showing their sweet dance moves. Similar to the popular Azure Bard Night, these boys are here to show their stuff, while bystanders are welcome to throw gil at them, make requests to our local DJ, and enjoy the lights. Mammets will be on scene to pass out drinks.


Grouping will begin in the FC yard for a lightning run through all of Eden Savage, starting with E1S and finishing with E12S! The first party to complete all the raids will win an exclusive prize.


Gathering begins at an announced location at the start of this event. Come join in a big group shot of Azure members, having a naked bonding moment and standing together for one of our famous big FC group shots! This shot may take some time, so we ask that you be prepared to stand in place, put away any minions, and have patience. We try to wait for a blue sky (which doesn't take that long usually) as well. This shot will commemorate this Azure Day Weekend. Our commemorative shots are immortalized into Azure history and are often used in Azure media.


Come have a really fun time grinding guild hests with your hestest friends ever. Attendees will be grouped at the Waking Sands for some unknown god forsaken reason and will proceed to look for nearby clues that will lead to event hosts that will reveal which hest you'll have to complete next. Whoever completes each clue and finishes all the hests will gain a final clue leading them to Limsa Lominsa where a fancy naked Ishgardian event host will snuggle them with sincerity and trade the grand prize.

Come on down to Shirogane Ward 23, Plot 16 where all are welcome to just walk inside and find their way through an incredibly jackass design of our famous Azure Day 3-story maze with the lights completely off and all of the partitions dyed jet black. Inside you'll find basically nothing and wonder why you exist and chose to do this at this unholy hour of the day. There's a prize at the end, but you have to find 21 hidden objects that are dyed jet black, and name them after finding Lagnus who's sneakily hiding somewhere in a plant at the final room.


Join us as we scream at people, spam actions so bright no one can see, and ludicrously jump around like madmen boasting about the glory of ranch dressing, brussel sprouts, and bards, and convince people that we're totally not insane, we just want them to come along and join our FC. The parade will mostly take place in The Tempest and will end in Eulmore where we'll hunt for newbies.


Join us for our Impossible Trivia game with your host, Reika Fujishima, as she pelts contestants with very specific information only the oldest and most perceptive Square Enix employee would ever know! Maybe! 
Those who win may score an exclusive Regalia mount!


Raffles and some final remarks will be made. Feel free to bring your best dad jokes for a final hurrah!

We make use of everything available, and use a hoard of unlisted prizes for FLASH RAFFLES that take place all weekend long! We've got things like huge payloads of gil, the latest glamours, adorable minions, mounts, and more to be won! All leftover prizes will appear at our Azure Day Auctions, which takes place both days with proceeds that all go back to the Azure chest for the next Azure Day and future FC needs!


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