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Community Update 4.5.21

Its that time again to go over all of the latest changes that have been made and are coming soon to our community!

First you'll find a list of all recent changes and updates, followed by what's to come!

Coming soon in a separate post will be the status of Azure's Resurgens Caeruleum Project, also known as the Azure Rising & Restoration Project, or the Rising of the Azure Sky Project, our very own massive overhaul and grand plan launched May 1st, 2020 that has seen to a long and careful restructuring and growth of Azure Infinitum among ranks, active members, policies, social presences, events, and more. 
Resurgens Caeruleum is currently in its final phase and looks to complete this June!

Recent Changes and Updates


-Tuesday Morning Classics has been cancelled. 
This event prospered in the early wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic as Friday Morning Classics originally, and has seen hundreds of attendees score clears in older raids over the past year and a half. 

The decision to cancel the event is due to the current shifting metrics of available hosts and attendees returning to work or school. 

We thank everyone who attended and helped host the event since its beginning, and will address old raid content as an event for Azure Infinitum in the future. 

It is recommended that our members who currently need clears for old raid content reach out to our Support or Leadership ranks for guidance.

-Bozja Battlefront events have been updated. 
The event that sees attendees through Shadowbringers relic content each week on Fridays and Saturdays is shifting its Friday content to Delubrum Reginae normal, as opposed to running Bozja Southern Front. 

The event has been updated with a new event poster, and Friday's event is now referred to as Bozja Battlefront: Delubrum Reginae. 

Saturday's event content will remain the same, but is now being referred to as Bozja Battlefront: Bozja Southern Front. 

Bozja Battlefront: Delubrum Reginae groups every Friday at 8:30p ET/5:30p PT for one run of Delubrum Reginae normal. 

Its recommended attendees accept the weekly quest that gives 3 gold coins prior to entering if applicable. 

Bozja Battlefront: Bozja Southern Front groups every Saturday night at 11:50p ET/8:50p PT for skirmishes, critical engagements, and potential Castrum Lacus Litore. 

Bozja Battlefront: Delubrum Reginae on Fridays will continue to run weekly until the new battlefield, Zadnor, releases toward the end of May. 
Delubrum Reginae and Bozja Southern Front may not be discontinued as event content, so look forward to a future announcement concerning this content as part of Azure events!

-Changes and Updates to Monstrous Mondays
Monstrous Mondays Emerald Evenings has been retired. In its place will be weekly Seat of Sacrifice EX runs until 4/26.

This decision was partly made due to how many attendees have successfully cleared Castrum Marinum EX during the Emerald Evenings Monstrous Mondays runs since it began.

This decision was also partly made due to the difficulty attendees have had with Seat of Sacrifice EX during Monstrous Monday's Primetime event, and will allow for a few weeks of focus on the trial until our host, participating attendees, and official back-up host supporters have had time to fully analyze the trial coming in FFXIV Patch 5.5 that will replace Seat of Sacrifice EX for evening Monstrous Mondays runs starting 4/26.

Monstrous Mondays Diamond Evenings begins officially on 4/26 for weekly grouping on Mondays at 11p ET/8p PT, to run The Cloud Deck EX.

Monstrous Mondays primetime event that groups every Monday at 7:30p ET/4:30p PT will begin featuring Castrum Marinum EX in its official weekly rotation of Shadowbringers extreme trials. 

The first Castrum Marinum EX run during primetime Monstrous Mondays will begin on 4/12.

-Azure Eden Tuesdays Event Retirement
Our weekly event that currently runs Eden's 9th through 12th normal raids each week will be retired after 4/6. 

This change will retire both the primetime weekly run that groups at 8:30p ET/5:30p PT each week, as well as the evening run that groups at 12a ET/9p PT.

As Shadowbringers 8-man normal raids move out of season and the final 24-Man Raid is released, Azure will return to dedicating Tuesdays to 24-Man raids as we match content cycles.

Azure has successfully run Azure Eden Tuesdays as a series of raids that saw a combined 16 total months of weekly Eden Raid clears since the first tier's release in the summer of 2019.

The current tier, E9-12, has been run twice a week since its release on day one of Patch 5.4, which released December 8th, 2020.

Members who currently need Eden raid clears are recommended to reach out to our Support or Leadership team for guidance.

-Azure 24-Man Tuesdays: NeiR RaiD Trilogy begins 4/13
Join us for weekly trilogy runs of all three NeiR raids starting April 13th, which will run until 7/13.

Those who attend must come with at least The Tower At Paradigm's Breach unlocked.

The event party will not wait to begin the event for those who still need to complete the quests in between Puppet's Bunker and The Tower At Paradigm's Breach.

Loot Rules during Azure 24-Man Tuesdays: NeiR RaiD Trilogy will be "NEED" for "UPGRADES" and "GREED" for "GLAMOUR".

Those caught abusing our Loot Rules or rolling "NEED" on gear that is not an upgrade will be given a warning the first time. Further instances of abuse of our Loot Rules will result in an Event Strike. Event Strikes are Official Strikes toward membership to Azure Infinitum, and come with a 1-week Event Ban.

Grouping for Azure 24-Man Tuesdays: NeiR RaiD Trilogy will be done using the Party Finder. Grouping will begin at 8:30p ET/5:30p PT starting with an announcement of a Party Finder Password for a Private Party Finder Alliance listing that will be seen on the Private tab of the Party Finder.

Each Party will be overseen by participating Scout Captains and Council ranks, with at least one Council member or Scout Captain presiding as a party leader.

During the event, Limit Breaks will be saved until they are called for by the Scout Captain or Council member who is officially leading the party. Party Leaders on the Party Menu changes when entering an instance, be sure not to confuse the game's listed leader as the actual event party leader who will be clearly visible at the beginning of the event, prior to its start.

-Azure Grand Assembly for April 2021 takes place on 4/24
Members of all rank are welcome to attend our live 2-hour company assembly at 8p ET/4p PT on April 24th at our Grand Assembly Chamber at Infinitum Hall's top floor! Just teleport to the FC Hall via Mist on your teleport menu, walk inside, go up the stairs and grab a seat!

Our assembly features a list of news and announcements from the state of Azure Infinitum to current and future plans- and more! Hosted by Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima and Azure Council members in attendance.

This event is streamed live on YouTube at our Run Around:Network channel.

During the assembly we will have several flash raffles!

-The Azure Info Board Fellowship
Our in-game fellowship has been revived! This helpful in-game reference of Azure weekly events comes complete with a poll, a board for blurbs about Azure community news and updates.

Invites are a bit glitchy in-game and are being distributed as often as possible to members who're online when Fellowship recruiters are available.



-Azure Social Media Overhaul
An extensive overhaul will be coming to Azure Social Media this month, and will include changes or additions of weekly event information, foundations for future Azure Wings, galleries of images, resource listings, and more.

-Azure Infinitum PS4 Community Hub Closing Down
Sony has decided to end the PlayStation 4 Communities platform onboard PS4 consoles and Communities on PlayStation 4 will be shutting down worldwide sometime this month.
Since our PS4 Community's re-launch, we have enjoyed nearly 2 years of shared memorable content between members of our Final Fantasy XIV and past Monster Hunter community, used Community features to schedule events for PlayStation 4 owners, and helped introduce new players to our overall Azure community to the games we enjoy. 

Whether you were in our old PS4 Community hub or the one we re-launched in 2019, or both, we thank you for being a part of this extended Azure Service!

**Note: This does not effect players in Azure Infinitum being able to play Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4 consoles, or Azure Infinitum's inclusion of all player's membership in Azure Infinitum overall.**



-Several Updates To Our Discord Server Are Planned
Updates that are planned to take place in our server in the near future include but are not limited to the following:

Channel Updates & Mergers
Channel Additions
Addition of Discord Bots
Server Advertising

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