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Azure Infinitum FFXIV Fan Festival 2021 Activities & Celebrations!

Its that time again for another Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival!
This time around its a fully digital, two day event that will be fully streamed for everyone to watch. Stream links at the link above.

In Azure tradition dating back to even before our Azure's founding just after 2014 Fan Festival, we'll be watching live together and making a Watch Party out of it for all who can make it, complete with raffles for in-game items and more, including a $50 Amazon Gift Card, Fantasia Phials, and a 60-Day Game Time Card!

Check the poster above to see the dates and times of not only our Watch Parties, but also the special events we'll be doing that coincide with active Fan Festival Digital Activities! These digital activities could help you win one or more of these:

Be sure to read up on the contest pages for official rules. These are found at the links below for the activities.

Our Watch Parties will take place in a special voice and text channel in our Azure Discord. During our Watch Parties, we'll be doing raffles in between the stream's breaks.
As for our Screenshot Gathering, this will be a fantastic chance to be included in one of our massive Azure community group shots, and should be an excellent choice for a screenshot to enter into the gpose activity.
Our Uznair Challenges will take over as a very special rendition of our popular Treasure Thursdays event, with a morning timeslot added just for this week, for one of three Azure Uznair Challenges. During these Uznair Challenges, you will need up to 3 Timeworn Gazelleskin maps per each challenge event. Get to floor 7 for a screenshot to enter Fan Festival's Uznair Challenge digital activity!

You don't want to miss our Watch Party where you'll be able to easily enter our flash raffles between the stream's breaks, and you'll not want to miss events on the stream such as Yoshi-P's Keynote which will reveal massive, previously unknown details about the new FFXIV Exspansion, Endwalker! There's also a hearty list of other fun panels, a producer livestream, and much more planned to take place on the streams! 

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